Invasion of the Cucurbits


Photo By: Tom Myrick -2018-

Writer: Tom Myrick

This season the Veggie-Bed was overrun with squash. By planting squash throughout the Veggie-Bed’s grounds in areas having plenty of sun and good drainage, these plants flourished. Collecting bags of squash my friends and neighbors were bombarded by the abundance of this prolific plant.  A genus of herbaceous vines in the gourd family Cucurbitaceae, Cucurbits (aka Cucurbita) contains squash, the species grown worldwide for their edible fruit. Continue reading Invasion of the Cucurbits

Clusters of Turnips (Purple Top White Globe) Seedlings

tcTurnips (Purple Top White Globe) was the fifth choice for the fall ‘Veggie-Bed’ garden. With an average germination time of 10.5 days and 55 days to harvest, a total of 65.5 days from date sowed (August 21st) to an estimated harvest date of October 26th. Turnip seeds were sown in a well-worked soil bed. Seeds were sown thinly in rows 11/2’ apart and covered with ½’’ fine soil and firmed lightly. Pine needles were applied thinly to hold moisture in the soil. Continue reading Clusters of Turnips (Purple Top White Globe) Seedlings

2018 Fall Veggie-Bed Garden

Fall Veggie-Bed Garden

August 16th


With fall rapidly closing in, a decision was made to plant a small fall ‘Veggie-Bed’ garden. Here in Chesapeake, Virginia we are in the plant hardiness Zone 8a [1] with an average first frost date of November 27 for 2018 [2]. Furthermore, the amount of daylight starting on August 16th was 13.5 hours and 9.9 hours on our average first frost date. This gives us an average of 11.7 hours duration of daylight.

Continue reading 2018 Fall Veggie-Bed Garden