“Lemon Boy” Rocks

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Photo By: Tom Myrick -2018-

Writer: Tom Myrick

We’re not talking about an album by Cavetown we’re talking about tomatoes! This somewhat new hybrid, Lemon Boy, is without a doubt the favorite tomato grown this season at the Veggie-Bed. Producing a unique yellow skin and a delightful flavor countless slices made their way to boundless salads and meals.

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Photo Credit: LawnCare by Tom
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Photo By: Tom Myrick -2018-

According to seed industry tradition, John Peto, founder of Petoseed, bred Lemon Boy and released it in 1984. Lemon Boy is popular amongst growers because of its distinctive lemon shade color and low acidity. It is referred to as the “tomato of the month” by some growers.

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Photo By: Tom Myrick -2018-

Bearing tomatoes that averaged 6 to 7 ounces and 3 1/2 inches across, the Lemon Boy out-yielded all the other tomato plants here at the Veggie-Bed. This average growing, very disease-resistant tomato plant produced fruit throughout the entire season. To avoid splitting or dwarf tomatoes, they were watered every 3 to 4 days, and fertilizer applications were stopped once the fruit was plentifully growing. This tomato is most definitely on the “must plant” list for next season.



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