Invasion of the Cucurbits


Photo By: Tom Myrick -2018-

Every season the Veggie-Bed is overrun with squash. These plants flourish by planting the squash throughout the Veggie-Bed’s grounds in areas with plenty of sunlight and good drainage.  Squash is in the genus of herbaceous vines in the gourd family Cucurbitaceae, Cucurbits (aka Cucurbita), and the species is grown worldwide for their edible fruit.

invade ug

Photo Credit: LawnCare by Tom

“Squash is a warm weather crop (including both summer and winter (butternut, acorn, etc.) squash).  It is sensitive to frost and to cold.  Growing squash is successful in most gardening climates. However, the colder the climate, the shorter the plant’s growing cycle. In hot climates, plant year round. In colder regions, plant in early summer” ( [1].

squash web

Photo By: Tom Myrick -2018-

Picking squash before reaching full maturity because their skin is edible and summer squash is delicious raw, many are eaten right off the vine.

“Summer squash is a non-starchy vegetable that is very low in calories and carbohydrates. It is one of those foods that you can eat without feeling guilty because it fits very well on a low-carbohydrate and modified carbohydrate diet” ( [2].

After collecting bags of squash, we inundate friends and neighbors with the abundance of this prolific plant.




Writer: Tom Myrick


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