Creation of the Veggie-Bed

There has been a lot of transformation here at the Veggie-Bed.

This photo is of our first raised container garden in the spring of 2012. We made the garden by using recycled landscape timbers, bricks, and an old dog kennel.

After a successful 2012 growing season at the Veggie-Bed, we decided to expand out for the 2013 season. With a little bit of experience under our belts (and a lot of luck), the Veggie-Bed reached out of the confinements of the dog kennel and onto to the backyard. Please take notice of the brass bed frame in the kennel; hence the name Veggie-Bed was bestowed onto our garden endeavor.

With the summer of 2013 upon the Veggie-Bed, we saw success with our various gardening techniques. This photo shows raised container beds, container gardens, a no-till garden, and a Three Sisters garden.

In our quest to use recycled materials at the Veggie-Bed, we decide to use empty vino bottles (which we have abundant). One such application was for watering container plants.

As with the Veggie-Bed, this page is a work in progress.
More to come!