Row Planting

Between the freezing and thawing, the new vegetable beds are slowly taking shape.

Writer: Tom Myrick

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After deciding to give the container beds a growing season off here at the Veggie-Bed (zone 8a), we used the traditional way of planting, row planting. Row planting allows for space between rows giving the plants room to grow. Also, planting in rows creates access paths for easy weeding and harvesting.

First, we measured out the size of the beds, marking off two 10ft x 20ft beds. By dividing the beds in half, we have four 10ft x 10ft sections. Each section contains vegetable groups that have similar nutritional requirements. The groupings are leaf crops, legume crops, root crops, and fruit crops; enabling an easy crop rotation next season. This creates a four-year crop rotation cycle that will help prevent the spread of plant diseases, reduce insect infestations, and keeps the soil from becoming depleted of nutrients. Since these are new beds, a mixture of manure and compost for increasing the nitrogen level, along with potash (potassium) and colloidal phosphate (phosphorus) is worked into the ground. A trench surrounding each section collects rainwater, allowing the water to seep into the plant’s root zone. dig credit

Next, the ground is turned and shaped into straight raised-bed rows running north and south. By orienting rows north and south sunlight is distributed evenly among the plants. All the soil clumps are cultivated out into a well-mixed texture. rakecredit

A mulch consisting of leaves and pine needles is applied between rows to control weeds. Sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings are based on the moon dates. Planting by moon dates is a practice that some old-time farmers insist that results in a more abundant and tastier harvest.widecredit

Finally, reap the rewards of a uniformly spaced and organized vegetable garden.

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